You are shorter when you are standing up than when you are lying down


sn’t it very peculiar!Yes it is.When I came to know this I could not believe this at all. After reading the actual reason behind it I was surprised.

The reason behind this is that when we are standing up,the attraction or tug of gravity compresses the soft tissue between the vertebrae of our spines,and when we’re lying down our tissues become slightly greater than when we are lying down. We feel relaxed when we are lying down but we generally don’t think the reason behind it. Even the scientist of NASA couldn’t anticipate this effect during their first space missions.The astronauts complained that their suits became more tighter when they were in space. Studies done later revealed this effect. During skylab mission, six astronauts reported that their height increased 3% i.e. a little more than 2

inches if the height is 6 feet. Now astronauts suits are made with extra room to allow such growth.

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